Stone Mountain Judicial Court - DeKalb County, Georgia

Gregory A. Adams
Division 5
DeKalb County Courthouse
Room 5240

Photo - Judge Adams and The Juvenile Justice Center

Judge Gregory A. Adams of the DeKalb County Superior Court standing in front of the
Gregory A. Adams Juvenile Justice Center.
Dedicated on June 22, 2007

Served by designation on the Georgia Supreme Court on the appeals in Hall, Warden v. Lance (S09A1536) and Lance v. Hall, Warden (S09X1538) 9/17/09

Sharyn Belisle Judicial Assistant 404.371.2211
April Jeffries Staff Attorney 404.371.2342
Carol Jennings Case Manager and Calendar Clerk 404.371.4707
Kelly Carpenter Court Reporter 404.371.2995