Pardon Our Dust

2014 has been a year of growth and opportunity for Keep DeKalb Beautiful. We have stood side by side with the good people of DeKalb County as they have invested in their communities through sweat equity. We have cleaned, cleared and cared for roads, cemeteries and streams. We have recycled, reclaimed, and re-purposed materials as they have been collected. We have held programs to educate and empower.

Next is the evolution of our website. Long ago we outgrew these digs. The future holds a much needed user friendly environment. An environment intended to educate, serve and improve the lives of those that visit, sharing and promoting ideas of beauty and sustainability. The new KDB website will be a place where special events are promoted, where interesting education materials and activities can be found and where volunteers can connect to people and topics of interest.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve in 2014 as we look forward to sharing new and brighter things in the coming year that inspire, inform and encourage. Thank you DeKalb!

For more information on current programming, please click on one of the following links below:

Rolling Forward to One Hip-Hop Competition
Residential Recycling Enrollment/Order Form
Fall/Winter Work Plan Requests
KDB Cleanup Supply Request Form
KDB Clean-up Report Form
Beautification Project Request Form
KDB Adopt-A-Road/MARTA/Spot Program
Speaker Request Form
Litter Busters Community Service Program



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